Local Authority Advice

Rathmell Archaeology provides a consultancy service to a limited number of Planning Authorities within Scotland. In order to ensure that there is no possible conflict of interests or compromise to our own ethical working standards, we therefore do not offer commercial archaeological services to developers who are applicants within the following Local Authorities:

In working with Local Authorities our primary role is to ensure compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements with regard to the management of archaeological matters and to assist Planning Departments with the review of planning applications by advising what issues are reasonable to consider.

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We are happy to receive enquiries from Applicants who wish to discuss archaeology with regard to their individual planning applications within these three authorities. Please call us on 01294 542 848 or contact us using the Enquiry Form.

Rathmell Archaeology does not hold Historic Environmental Records for Planning Authorities. Such records are available from the National Record of the Historic Environment maintained by Historic Environment Scotland.